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The Legendary Discovery of Nine Thousand Years

Da Gu Glacier was concealed in the mysterious land of Qinghai Tibet Plateau and has been silent for thousands of years. It was not until the end of the last century that the Japanese scientists found this Glacier accidentally through the meteorological satellite. And this glacier was the closest modern galcier from the central city. The scientists were shocked by the primitive naturality of this glacier and decided immediately to come to conduct the field invetigation in Heishui County, where the Da Gu Glacier was located.

After the investigation, what amazed the scientists most was that the glacier not only contains different kinds of microelements, deuterium and microclusters, but also persists throughout the year. Generally, a glacier needs a temptature between -30℃ and -40℃ to remain unmelted. While the lowest temprature in Heishui County is only -14℃, Da Gu Glacier still remains unmelted. Nowadays, the global climate has been influenced by the greenhouse effect. However, Da Gu Glacier is not affected by the long-term climatic changes. Instead of decreasing, its glacial mass keeps growing anuually.

Finally, the Scientists revealed this discovery to the public in Hongkong on their way to Japan.

Since then, this glacier has been catching great attention of the reseachers from all over the world. Fortunately, Da Gu Glacier has not undergone much destruction. It still remains its original styles and features-the way it was found.

Today, we present you this legendary discovery and invite you all to taste this distant ancient legendary water.