Flesh Moisturizing Facial Mask


Flesh Moisturizing Facial Mask

The water drops that are breathing, from the secret of the glacier 9610 years ago

The newly development in the  9000 years flesh moisturizing facial mask, is based on glacier spring natural with small molecules, using the latest technology, through multi-channel processes training and biological activity of the extraction of raw materials -- frondosa polysaccharide. A facial mask works like 1/3 bottle essence. It can rapidly promote and assist skin cells to self repair, improve cell activity, effectively protect the skin. And it is not dependent. Skin is like drinking water, full of water and smooth.



A new formula for flesh moisturizing facial mask ia based on the non polluting natural glacier spring which has 9610 years old.  The small molecules water  with high activity and the penetration of bioactive materials can make the skin moisturizing and effective antioxidant.

 "let beauty more natural".