Glacier Waters

Fortune water from the blessed land of Dagu glacier, unspoiled and divine heritage.

Rich in Glaciers

Dagu Glacier Area, part of the 632 sq km Sichuan Dagu Natural Reserve in the Heishui County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, has a sightseeing area of 210 sq km. It is located in a convenient and accessible position. To its east and south are three world natural heritage sites, namely the Jiuzhaigou Valley, the Huanglong Valley, and the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries, and to its west and north are the Tibetan-Qiang Cultural Corridor and the Aruohong Prairie. After many national authoritative research institutions’ joint monitoring and evaluation: Dagu glacier is formed by one hundred million of years’ continental glacial. At the same time, the source water is surveyed and evaluated by Geological Research Institute of State Seismological Bureau: the water has 9610 years history, which is one hundred millions of years of glacier melt water filtered by natural rock layers, containing lots of beneficial mineral, and gushing out naturally through the natural spring. In nowadays, it belongs to the longest history Original glacier water among the evaluated glacier water, so it becomes one kind of the most precious and high quality drinking water resources.

The glacier water is the good medicine without poisons from the nature. In western countries there is specific glacier water therapy discipline and special health care and treatment with glacier water. It contains rich minerals and microelements that the human body needs. The special regulation for the human body is not available by drinking other water.

Rich in Glaciers
No Nitrate

Extraordinary Culture

In Aba Qiang and Zang Autonomous Region you will also find unique folk customs. In the Tibetan villages surrounded by snow peaks, verdant mountains, and green waters, you will have a close taste of the villagers' drinking culture, polyphonic folk songs, profound religious belief, and dizzying native costumes.