Water age is 9610 years.
The 9610-year-old Dagu glacier water is the most ecologically purest and sweetest water.
It is one of the oldest and precious drinkable water healthy for human in the world.
What makes it naturally clean and active is the special geological structure and natural
magnetic field together with good geographical, geomorphological and non-polluted
The older and less polluted the water is, the more active and more beneficial for health it is.

Ultra-light water, deuterium content down to -89‰
The deuterium content of 9000 Years Dagu Glacier Water is only -89‰. It is one of the springs
with lowest deuterium content. The much seriously polluted the water is, the larger the
amount of deuterium there is. Once it enters humans’ body, it is difficult to discharge. The
deuterium affects the activity of cell growth enzymes, reduces reproductive capacity and
accelerates aging. The water with low deuterium is activator for the human body. It can active
body’s functions, keeps people energetic.

Small water clusters – 53.89HZ
It is much easier for the small water clusters to enter human cells, involving themselves in
metabolism, and the decomposition of nutrients into the cells. It is conducive to the discharge
of intracellular metabolic waste and toxins.
The half-amplitude width of water cluster of Dagu glacier water is smaller than 53.89HZ. It is
one of the smallest water clusters we can find so far in China.
Ancient lives are raised by small cluster water, The 9000 years glacier water is 9610 years old
which was upon to Neolithic age. While that time was without any pollution.

Natural weak alkaline pH 7.5 -8.5
It effectively regulates the body’s acid-base balance. The Dagu glacier water is natural weak
alkaline, the pH scale is 7.3~8.5. Being the best natural blending agent for body pH, it can
effectively adjust the acidic body,inhibit bacteria and improve immunity to help people
The pH scale of human body is around 7.35 to 7.45. The 9000years glacier water just cater to
the human body needs.

Oxygen enrichment and Proper water hardness
Dissolved oxygen content is up to 8.67mg/L, helpful to replenish oxygen to the body quickly.
The 9000 years glacier water’s oxygen content is 24% higher than that required by the WHO
health water standard. It supplies oxygen for the brain and blood in time and make people
refreshed and full of vitality.
What’s more the water hardness of 9000 years glacier water is around 160mg/L which is
suitable for body needs.

Natural mineral substance and microelement and balanced
It matches the type and content that human body needs. What’s more, it is ion state, which is
easy to be absorbed. The total salinity is around 250mg/L. It meets the current international
high-quality mineral water requirement for low sodium and low salinity. Long-term drinking
won’t lead to such disease as calculus. It plays a vital role in balancing the human body and
maintaining health with effective absorption and utilization.